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From The Principal's Desk

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"Here at TDCA, we're here to educate our children in their God-given design! We believe that God has placed His handprint in each child and we have the honor of partnering with teachers and parents to unlock their potential. We equip young leaders in the context of prayer and worship alongside an excellent education because each child needs both an intimate relationship with God and a solid education to change the world. Our school also values lifelong friendships and Christ-centered lifestyles because it is the presence of God both in us and in community that brings transformation in all areas of life. Join us as we change the world together!"


-Judy Chen, Principal

Meet Our Staff

Karen Miller_edited.jpg
Karen Miller

Preschool &

Transitional Kindergarten

Christy Kelley.jpg
Christy Kelley


Kristin Saito_edited.jpg
Kristin Saito


Madison Pfrimmer_edited.jpg
Madison Pfrimer

2nd Grade

Sherri Theimer.jpg
Sherri Theimer

3rd & 4th Grade

Joanie Le.jpg
Mrs. Le

5th Grade

Jenney Oh

Biblical Foundations

Effie Vlahakis


Christian Wetzel.jpg
Christian Wetzel


TDCA Portraits-0001.jpg
Lanna-Marie Enns


Jenny Kim

Technical Administrator

Meet Our Volunteers

Suzy Gunn_edited.jpg
Mrs. Gunn

PA President

Brandon Saito.jpg
Mr. Saito

Community Relations

Mrs. Hsing


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