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  • What is Tabernacle of David Christian Academy?
    TDCA is a private Christian school serving students from Preschool through 6th grade. In partnership with families and educators, we seek to educate young leaders who embody Christ to change the world. Our school community equips young leaders by educating them through their God-given design.
  • Why is the school called Tabernacle of David Christian Academy?
    The name of our school carries our vision for each student to embody Christ and change the world. In the Old Testament, King David was a man after God's own heart and he pioneered a dwelling place for God's presence in the form of a tabernacle (which was also known as a tent). In hosting God's presence, he gave the Israelites an experience of God's Kingdom, brought about reformation for the nation of Israel, and blessed the surrounding nations. The Tabernacle of David foreshadowed God's desire to dwell with man and establish His Kingdom on the earth. When the time came for Jesus to come in the flesh, the disciple John described Jesus dwelling among us as He "tabernacled" or "pitched his tent" in our midst (John 1:14). Jesus Himself was the fulfillment of David's desire to have God among us. Jesus is the chief cornerstone with which we are built together as His holy temple (Ephesians 2:19-22). Our school serves a dual purpose as an educational institution and also as a family of God that nurtures Christ in each child unto the transformation of people, cities, and nations.
  • What is Family Partnership?
    Not only do parents oversee student work on homeschool days, they have the opportunity to volunteer regularly in their student's classrooms. We have seen a tremendous impact of having parental involvement in our school space. Additionally, parents also have the opportunity to serve as part of our Parent Association and participate in our many family gatherings.
  • Why Pasadena?
    In partnership with PIHOP (Pasadena International House of Prayer), we are building this school alongside the prayer movement that is stirring in Los Angeles. God desires for the city of Los Angeles to know Him and He is raising up children who know how to pray in order to fuel and bless the next revival in this region. In past revivals, God has used the city of Los Angeles to impact culture and nations. We are believing and praying for another move of God in our day and age. He is raising up children who will dedicate themselves to ministering to Him in prayer and are equipped to hear His voice intimately. Day and night worship & prayer is the context with which our students are preparing a generation to know the Lord intimately. Inspiration and revelation results from continuously engaging with a Living God. It is with this reality in mind that our staff and students spend time in the prayer room sitting before the Lord weekly.
  • What grade levels does TDCA accommodate?
    We serve Transitional Kindergarten through 6th grade students and also have a Preschool Co-op. For more information on how to apply, please email us at or call us at (626) 765-5105.
  • How do I get involved or volunteer?
    Visit our GIVE page under CONTACTS to find out ways to get invovled and support our school.
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