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Elementary Teacher

Job Description

The Elementary School Teacher is a key member of the school staff and works together with other staff members to support the mission, vision and values of TDCA. He/She is responsible for the operation,  administration, and teaching of a designated elementary combined grade-level classroom. The Elementary School Teacher is committed to offering a

high-quality education for students while promoting the culture of TDCA and upholding the family partnership model. He/She creates an open and honest work environment that inspires professionalism and rewards creative, innovative teaching.


Work hours:

Monday-Thursday, 8am-3pm + All Required Meetings (This includes a weekly staff meeting on Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00pm and a monthly. staff meeting on one Thursday a month).


Length of Assignment: 10 months (Teaching) + Additional Teacher Training



• Minimum 2 years teaching experience preferred

• Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree at a college or university.

• Preferred active and valid CA Teaching Credential.

• CPR certification

Key Responsibilities:

1. Teaching Responsibilities:

• Physical Environment: Work with parent helpers to incorporate creative displays in classroom that showcase student work. Ensure that physical space (classroom and playground) is clean and safe.

• Provide an attractive and welcoming space for students to learn in (ie. bulletin boards organized by subject area, clearly labeled areas for centers).

• Create and maintain spaces for students that encourage inquiry-based learning.

• Establish and maintain a print-rich classroom environment.

• Maintain and build a classroom library.

• Teaching:

• Respond to students with love, kindness, and patience.

• Pray for students regularly.

• Provide parents and students with a parent handbook at the beginning of year outlining classroom expectations and classroom management.

• Drive experiential and inquiry-based learning.

• Demonstrate effective classroom management.

• Teach and implement Common Core standards in a combo classroom.

• Teach Next-Gen Science standards in a combo classroom.

• Teach and expand on a Bible curriculum.

• Assess student learning and provide feedback regularly.

• Prepare students for standardized testing in May.

• Return graded homework assignments to students bi-weekly.

• Prepare for and conduct Parent Teacher Conferences quarterly.

• Lesson Planning:

• Submit year-long lesson plans before the start of the school year.

• Submit quarterly lesson plans & details in a timely manner.

• Prepare a homework sheet for students and families with the following week’s assignments by Friday of each week.

• Community:

• Integrate community helpers to enrich curriculum.

• Proactively involve students in opportunities to give back to the community.

• Encourage students to pray for the community and the world.

• Family Partnership:

• Establish clear classroom expectations and encourage parent involvement in student learning.

• Provide parents with ideas and resources for homeschooling days.

• Communicate with parents on a weekly basis regarding homework and announcements.

• Listen to parent feedback to improve and enhance curriculum.

• Respond to parent concerns and requests within 2 business days.

• Ability to interact with families in a nurturing, compassionate, and sincere manner.


2. Team-Centered Responsibilities:

• Team leadership – actively participate in regularly scheduled staff meetings. Consult with the Principal and Administrator to proactively address concerns as they arise.

• Attend all staff and teaching training.

• Attend all weekly staff meetings.

• Communicate with staff regularly through electronic and verbal communications.

• Fundraising: Support school fundraisers by encouraging families and staff to participate.

• Marketing / Outreach: Continually promote TDCA as a high-quality educational program.

3. Individual Responsibilities:

• Arrive on time for work and contact the administrative team when delayed.

• Attend and participate in morning prayer meetings.

• Be reliable in attendance and give ample notice for absences.

• Dress professionally and appropriately.

• Come to work with a positive attitude.

• Approach criticism with a learning attitude.

• Communicate directly and avoid gossip.

• Be flexible in scheduling to meet the needs of the school.

• Live a consecrated lifestyle of purity.

• Live a lifestyle of prayer with weekly time spent in prayer room (4 hrs/week)

• Demonstrate honesty, integrity and commitment to confidentiality.

• Show initiative in problem solving and be open to new ideas.

• Approach challenges with imagination and a sense of humor.

• Create a welcoming, positive environment school-wide by:

• Being actively engaged with children.

• Speaking to children at eye level.

• Being friendly, warm and affectionate.

• Using appropriate voice and tone.

• Encouraging children’s independence and self-help skills.

4. Physical Requirements and Work Environment:

• Assist in classrooms as needed.

• Able to lift up to 50 pounds.

• Able to walk, bend, stand, squat or sit on the floor (with children) throughout an 8-hour day.

• Able to walk up and down steps several times each day.

• Able to physically respond quickly in an emergency.

• Understand the risk of exposure to blood and bodily fluids and use universal precautions in such instances.

• Able to travel to various locations for field trips or outings. On these occasions, public transportation or other acceptable modes of transportation may be employed.

• Valid CA driver’s license and clean driving record for past three years.


Thank you for your interest and excitement to work at TDCA.

Once we receive and review your application, a TDCA administrative personnel will contact you with the result.

For questions, please email

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