What TDCA Families Are Saying:

“It has been an immense blessing to be a part of TDCA this year! For our family coming off the mission field, it was our son’s first year living in America and there were so many huge adjustments to make for him. At TDCA, he was able to enter into such a safe, intentional Holy-Spirit filled atmosphere where he could be challenged to learn and grow academically, spiritually, and relationally. The whole staff is so loving and welcoming; they are really like a family in the way they operate! They were also quite accommodating and sensitive to our son’s specific needs moving from another country and never having been in school before. We are so thankful for TDCA and being able to participate in what God is doing in all our children’s lives through this school!”

                                                                                     – Lorelei, Parent of Elementary Student

“I can’t tell you how blessed I was and how blessed I believe your little group is after visiting TDCA. I’ll never forget one of your littlest ones prophesying over me before he can even pronounce his words. My prophecy:  ‘Grandma Cori when you were a widdle girl,’ and on it went about my blessing being greater now than before … I was totally struck with the strong presence of God in your group!”
– Grandma Cori (Azusa Street Revival descendant)
Souers family“This school has been a blessing. I am so amazed at how you sing scripture…and since my son has been part of this school, he has been singing scripture in my home. It’s just been so neat- he will wake up singing scripture. He’s memorizing scriptures through songs, and it’s really touching my heart to see him worshipping in this way.”
– Tiffany, Parent of Preschool Student

Maggie & Map“There are a lot of things I have to be thankful for at TDCA, but the thing that comes to mind first and foremost is the staff here. We have the most amazing staff- both the teachers and administrators. When I am having issues with my kids, they step into that space with me- praying and fasting with me, always looking for the best in my kids. I feel so blessed to partner with the team here.”

– Joanie, Parent of Elementary Students

IMG_6528“We are so incredibly thankful for this school. Since our children were born, we’ve been praying for a place like this. We moved here three months ago, with no idea it even existed, and our children have just come alive since being part of this school. Our theology hasn’t changed, our parenting hasn’t changed, but something in them has dramatically changed. My youngest son was very shy and introverted, barely talking to anyone, and he’s just grown in confidence and come alive. He even prays for people to be well, and sees them healed! It’s truly a joy to see our children fully walking into their destiny.”
– Sue, Parent of Preschool Student
“We have had multiple guests visit us from out of state and when they come, they’ve been invited to come and receive prayer from TDCA students. Our friends have been so impacted by this place. They are amazed that a place like this even exists and that children really do hear from God- that they are actively giving prophetic words (encouragement) and speaking into the lives of others.”
– Christian, Parent of Elementary Student
“This school has been a God-send and answer to prayer. Our whole family has received such a warm welcome. There is such an overflow of love from the staff and families here. Having community like this, where Holy Spirit is present is so beautiful.”
– Joy, Parent of Elementary Student
Amanda Teaching“Our children are abundantly blessed at TDCA! The spiritual make-up of the school, the families who attend, the proximity of the location, the individual attention to the students, the regular morning worship, the spirit-filled staff, the affordability for a private school, and the freedom of the children to be who they are in Christ are several reasons why we chose to be a part of TDCA”
– Autumn, Parent of Elementary Student
“If you are looking for a great school that will partner with you on raising kids who love God, are whole-hearted worshippers, encourage academic excellence and teach your kids that they have a role in redeeming every area of society back to Christ, then TDCA is the place for you!”
– Jaime, Parent of Elementary Student
“TDCA is an answered prayer for my family. It is more than a ‘Christian School’, it is a spirit-led movement! Students are empowered in their faith and freedom to worship. Every staff member pours into the life of your child to enable both spiritual and academic growth.”
– Evelyn, Parent of Elementary Student
“My daughter has matured so much spiritually and academically in the Preschool Co-Op. She understands how God speaks to her, communicates God’s character, and sings scriptures that she’s memorized to me! I love how grounded she is in the Word of God. Additionally, she’s been prepared very well for Kindergarten and already has a foundation of her ABCs and basic number sense. As a mom, I really enjoy the Family-Partnership model too because I have an opportunity to sow into my daughter’s life on the homeschool days and show her that learning is so fun both in the classroom and in everyday life! We love TDCA!”
– Judy, Parent of Preschool Student
“Our daughter was a 4th grader when she joined TDCA. That year, her interest and and confidence in reading expanded. Her vocabulary increased and she began writing expository pieces at a proficiency level two grade levels above her current grade. As her confidence level grew, she began to excel in all academic areas, eventually exceeding a 4.0 GPA. We are grateful for TDCA seeing the potential in our daughter and helping her to excel in school!”
– Charmain, Parent of Elementary Student
Daniela Raising Hand“In the time our daughter has been at TDCA, we have seen her grow in many ways. She has not only grown in academics, but in her passion for The Word and in her prayer life. She demonstrates a very comprehensive knowledge of the Word, specifically the message of the Gospel. She is also developing in her spiritual gifting and is bold about praying for people and expecting God to respond to her prayers. In addition, she has shown visible fruit and character development. She is developing relational and communication tools at a very young age.  She takes initiative and is demonstrating a boldness in leading and setting an example for others. She is being positively influenced by other students and has a deep admiration for her teacher. We are very happy with the quality of the education and training she is receiving here at TDCA.”

– Paul, Parent Elementary Student

What Others Are Saying: