TDCA in Prayer Room


Our Mission:

Educating children through their God-given design.


Our Vision:

To educate young leaders who embody Christ to change the world.  

Tabernacle of David Christian Academy is a Family Partnership school where God’s presence dwells in the education of our children.  We prepare our children to seek after God’s heart in all areas of life and to be carriers of His presence. Not only are we raising up children who hear and obey God’s voice, we are believing that as they carry God’s presence in their spheres of influence, they will play a key part in the transformation of hearts, communities, cities, and nations.

Our vision is accomplished by empowering our students to grow both academically & spiritually.  We provide an excellent education to produce high-achieving, confident, and creative young leaders. Furthermore, our students learn to lead out of an intimate relationship with God- they are grounded in His word, His love, and His ways.

Our Values:

We educate our children in a culture of honor whereupon we pursue excellence in education, cultivate prayer and worship, develop lifelong friendships, and pursue a Christ-centered lifestyle.   

As a community, we commit to:

Excellence in Education

14468206_1430306563665390_4919839220549658344_oOur students have an innate curiosity to understand the world through God’s perspective.  As a community, we facilitate their love of learning and assist them in connecting with God in all academic content areas (ie. Art, Science, History, Math, etc.).  Excellence occurs when a student explores the world as God created it, approaches the subject with creativity and critical thinking, and gains new understanding of God’s ways on the earth.

Our teachers and parents collaborate in our family partnership model to prepare our students to meet nationwide academic content standards.  We believe that children have multiple modalities for learning and our task as educators is to provide an environment where each student can best gain mastery of the subject they are learning.  Through a balance of direct instruction, inquiry-based and experiential learning, our students learn in the context of community to lead the way in problem-solving, critical thinking, and investigation.


Prayer & Worship

We train our students in hearing God’s voice, and cultivating His presence through worship, and prayer. Part of our spiritual training is done in partnership with Pasadena International House of Prayer (PIHOP) and other local houses of prayer, which are devoted to day-and-night worship and prayer for Los Angeles and the nations. In addition to participating in weekly corporate prayer meetings, our students pray together three times each day in school.

We believe prayer stems from an intimate relationship with God and is cultivated by hearing and obeying God’s voice.  As a result of listening to God’s voice, our students demonstrate His love for people both in deeds and miracles. (Exodus 14:21, Joshua 4:4-21).


Christ-Centered Lifestyles


We believe that as our students cultivate lifestyles that
welcome God’s presence and are marked by godly character, devotion, and purity, they will influence every sphere of society.  Our goal is to see our students fully equipped to go into all areas of life to bring influence, reform and redemption. Here at TDCA, we believe they will eventually be sent into different spheres of society (business, government, art, entertainment, education, family, the church), where they will truly make a difference.  Our students are set apart but not kept apart.

As our students are raised in an atmosphere of day and night worship, we believe that they will be given understanding of God’s love both for themselves and for all people. As a result, they will be an integral part of declaring God’s heart to people around the world. Our children will lead the way in calling every tribe and tongue to worship God before His throne.  (Revelation 7:9)

Here at TDCA, we are creating a space for students to develop a voice that will impact their generation. Not only will our students embody the heart of God, they will serve as a voice to call people, both young and old, back to God.  Whether they share their voice through song, the arts, word, or deed, they are living testimonies of God’s heart to bridge generations and bring about His kingdom here on the earth.  (Isaiah 40:3-5, Malachi 4:6)


Lifelong Friendships

As a community, we commit to walking in love and wrestling for the promises that God has for each family and child. Our staff partner with families to raise children in righteousness and cultivate a community that exemplifies love, honor and faithfulness in relationships.  We value mentorship and believe that God’s promises are passed on from one generation to the next as we remember His kindness in each generation.  (2 Kings 2: 1-24).

Our prayer is that our students learn to grow in love through daily interactions with one another and sow into friendships that will last a lifetime. (Daniel 3:19-30, Nehemiah 4:15-23, 1 Samuel 18:1)