2017-2018 Staff


Judy Chen
Principal and Founder
Judy graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors in History and a Minor in Elementary Studies. She went on to attend Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA and received her Masters in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis on Children-at-Risk and Leadership. She completed her studies when she went back to UCLA, receiving a Masters in Education. Judy taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District as an elementary teacher for several years before becoming a teacher with California Virtual Academies, an online charter school. She has experience teaching children in grades K-5 and loves children of all ages.

Susannah Martinsen

Preschool Program Co-op Coordinator
Susannah and her family moved to Pasadena after feeling stirred by what the Lord is doing in the LA area, and instantly felt connected to TDCA. As the mother of three children, she believes that one of the greatest responsibilities we have as educators- and parents- is to raise up a generation of worshiping children who know WHO they are and WHOSE they are.

Susannah has a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. Experienced in educating children, she has served as an assistant Kindergarten teacher and Children’s Ministry Pastor. She has a Master’s certificate in Urban Ministry and has also worked as a missionary in New Zealand. In addition to teaching at TDCA, Susannah and her husband, Christian, pastor a local church in Pasadena.

Yazmina Valenzuela
Elementary Teacher
Yazmina has been working with children for over 20 years. As a para-educator for the LAUSD, she worked with children in grades Kindergarten-8th grade. She has extensive experience in Children’s Ministry and has faithfully served TDCA in the classroom before becoming full time staff. She loves children and has a passion to see them live an adventurous life led by the Spirit of God.

Yazmina is a graduate of Angelus Bible Institute and an ordained minister. Her family is currently pastoring a house church in inter-city Los Angeles where she also serves as Children’s Ministries Coordinator. She enjoys writing as a hobby and you will often find her family enjoying the trails at Descanso Gardens.

Ashley Hart
Elementary Teacher
Ashley loves children and began working at TDCA while pursuing her Bachelors in Education Studies. She has previously worked with children and youth in her local church and was part of a YWAM team working to help reduce suicide deaths and human trafficking through work in school and youth programs in Australia. Ashley’s heart is to see a generation of missionaries who fully love the Lord, rise up and walk into their destinies as sons and daughters of the King. Ashley has traveled to Papua New Guinea, Nepal, and Australia as a missionary and hopes to plant a school similar to TDCA in the nations.


Victoria Kim
Elementary Teacher
Victoria grew up as a MK (Missionary Kid) in Uzbekistan and Ukraine and later majored in Bible and Elementary Education at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. Her passion is to bring the gospel into the classrooms. To her, education must be Christ-centered and encourage students to think with a Christian perspective. Her passion is also in missions with a long term future goal to grow education for other Missionary Kids.

Victoria’s Fun fact: My sister and friends tell me that I talk when I sleep! (But only when I am super tired) 😉