What Makes TDCA Unique?

1. We are a community that worships God together.

2. We value Family Partnership where parents partner with educators to draw out the gifts in their children.

3. We have students who are mentored and empowered to lead today.

4. We hold a Christ-centered worldview in the education of our children in all content areas.

5. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are cultivated in our children.

Family Partnership

14310453_1419138488115531_3235300946843119771_oSchool is in session on-site on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between the hours of 8:00am-3:00pm.  TDCA Teachers teach on the following subjects: Math, Language Arts, History, Science, Foundations, Bible, Singing the Word, Physical Education, Creative Arts, and Leadership.  On Friday homeschooling days, parents review coursework, integrate activities the family values, and participate in optional community service opportunities.

TDCA seeks families who are fully committed to cultivating both spiritual and academic studies in addition to drawing out the destinies and gifts in our students. Parents are expected to be fully engaged in overseeing their student’s education and cooperating with TDCA teachers to complete assignments during times we are not in class.

Curriculum and Schedules

We believe in fostering a love for learning in our students so that they become lifelong learners. Our curriculum was carefully selected to provide a framework whereupon inquiry-based and experiential learning are highly encouraged.

Preschool Co-op




As a cooperative preschool, parents enrolled with children in preschool assist in the classroom on a regular basis.

14425534_1426008667428513_8455875783247282733_oOur preschool students learn the formation of letters, sounds, and numbers through the Get Set for School Curriculum.  This curriculum is a hands-on, developmentally appropriate, and multi-sensory approach to learning.  For more information, visit: www.hwtears.com/gss

For Bible, our students learn from The Story For Children & Jesus Storybook Bible curriculums.  Our preschool teacher has also incorporated other age-appropriate bible versions to enhance Bible lessons.

15972381_1561689190527126_2523760013470367738_oDuring free choice and theme units, students choose from a variety of play-based centers while the teacher gathers a small group to work on various skills and projects.

We believe learning about the world around us is fun! In our theme units, we integrate Science and Social Studies standards that prepare our preschoolers for Kindergarten while providing ample opportunities for exploration, hands-on learning, and field trips.

K-5th Grade 


14115611_1398210886874958_2101088599300903900_oFor Language Arts, we utilize Lucy Calkins’ Reading Workshop where students select literature within Units of Study and discuss various genres with their classmates.  We also implement Lucy Calkin’s Writer’s Workshop to walk students through the writing process and provide the necessary tools for emerging young authors.

During Mathematics, we use the newly updated version of Singapore Math by Houghton Mifflin, Math in Focus: Singapore Edition.  Students are encouraged to think critically and look for multiple approaches to Math problems. Across all elementary levels, manipulatives are encouraged and available.

15896253_1557260554303323_8210308760001280172_oIn Science, our teachers have built units based upon the Next Generation Science Standards that are being implemented nationwide.  Our teachers have intentionally incorporated science experiments and the Scientific Method as part of the Science labs.  We also prepare students for our annual Science Fair that takes place during the second semester.

History units are also built thematically by our teachers and align with Common Core Standards.  Our teachers have planned projects and occasional field trips to bring history to life as well! Oftentimes, students will find themselves traveling back in time meeting historical figures who have come dressed up for in-character visits in the classrooms!

TDCA also has a plethora of Electives that encourage creativity and equip students with the tools they need to bring innovation and leadership into the world they live in. Electives include classes from Singing the Word, Creative Arts, Leadership, Drama, and Music. In our Singing the Word class, students learn to sing the word of God and experience firsthand the basics of singing on a team. All of our elementary students study and participate in visual art, art history, color theory, and calligraphy. Each elementary student participates in the dramatic arts elective in preparation for our annual Christmas program as well. In our Music Program, primary grade elementary students learn the basics of music notation and start their first instrument. Upper grade elementary students take Beginning Guitar and learn the basics for building a worship team.

For information about how to enroll, please contact us.

Tuition Costs

Preschool Co-op Tuition Costs

Elementary Tuition Costs