TDCA is a Christian private school serving students from Preschool through 5th grade.  We offer a holistic education where God encounters our students in a traditional classroom setting and in all areas of life.  Whether it is in Math, Language Arts, History, Art, Music, or Science, each child is a lifelong learner and deserves the support he/she needs to meet his/her God-given potential!  Our role as educators and parents is to cultivate and nurture the love of learning that is within each child.  We believe our students will serve in leadership roles in the future but they are also young leaders who are equipped to lead today!

Our Mission is to educate children through their God-given design.  Children are patterned after the image of God and we seek to nurture and draw out those God-given qualities in the context of love, relationship, and community.  In doing so, young leaders emerge to walk in the fullness of their destinies and affect change in our society.

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